Rayge Smith advocate for peace through his new music video ‘Ebor


While nothing good ever comes of violence Budding Afro-reggae crooner and Mavlon Consults signee Rayge Smith has released his much anticipated music video “Ebor”. The previously released song rendered in Smith’s native language, Idoma decries the violence and unrest in Benue State, Nigeria, most of which is perpetrated by young people.

The talented reggae artist said, “I’m using the video to make a passionate appeal for peace, calling on the youths in the state and by extension, the country, to sheath their swords and embrace dialogue. In addition, he calls for young people to consider the words of their elders and glean from the experience they offer.

When asked what inspires his very unique sound and music he says’ ” I found inspiration for the song and video in personal experiences. Growing up in Benue State, I have witnessed first hand trauma that is left in the wake of unrest.If I feel a certain way in my soul. My primary aim is that this song motivates change in the mindset of people in this country.

Meanwhile “Ebor” has also been used as a soundtrack for a movie, ‘The American King’ featuring R&B icon Akon and Nigerian actress Nse Ikpe-Etim.The flick is scheduled for international release sometime in 2021.
Smith is undeniably one of the young talents that should be on your radar and he shows no sign of slowing down, steadily solidifying his name in the music industry.


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