Models are not prostitutes Says Gift King, Nigerian Model


Nigerian talented model Gift King Chiwendu, has said that no man can take advantage of her in spite of her young age. She told Agora Media that it is true that people always see models as prostitutes but it is just the mind-set.

She stated, “I know my worth and most models do too. The fact that we try to be friendly with people and down to earth does not mean we can be used and dumped; it does not also mean that we are prostitutes.”

Speaking on her career, she said despite the fact that I’m enthusiastic about building my career, I’m also concerned about helping other models scale through too.

“I want to do something different than regular. I plan to create a platform
that helps young models connect with agencies for opportunities” she said.

Gift King is a talented Nigerian model and Queen of Riverside Hotel 2018, with much more laurels attached to her portfolio.

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