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King Gift Chiwendu

It’s popular to say that no man is a saint, in as much as many might appear to be sanctimonious in the face of mankind, all men within the confinement of their spirit, know that they’re evil.


Evil and hypocritical in nature. Thomas Hobbes wasn’t wrong to say that early man is brutish and cruel in nature. The only thing withholding man from devouring and killing his fellow man every seconds in the day is the law.

Gift King, Nigerian Fashion Model

Regardless of the excesses curtailed by law man is nothing but just a monster.

Michel de Montaigne once affirmed this in one of his confessional quotes ; “ I have never seen a greater monster or miracle than myself”.

Man’s monster nature is evident in his struggle for acquisition of power. The drunkenness of power is one of the things that intoxicate and further brings out the brutish nature of man.

If only what people do in the closet reflects on the forehead of their faces, mankind will live in a state of paranoia for live.



This Article was scripted and sent by Gift King Chiwendu, Nigerian top Fashion model.

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