ABSU Debate Club Hosts Isolation Debate Tournament, Join the rounds now


While everyone sits at home, the Abia State University Debate Club came up with a package to keep the brains of the debaters warm.

It is tagged ABSU Isolation Debate Tournament.

It’s an online debate tournament being hosted by ABSU Debate Club. It is an isolation tournament.

In a chat with the Host, Emmanuel Shebbs, who is the Coach of ABSU Debate Club, he said “we believe students can engage themselves in academic development while observing the compulsory public health isolation order in response to the global pandemic.

The motions revolve around the COVID-19 pandemic. Its an opportunity for debaters in ABSU to interrogate what has become a global reality, debate about it and critically question the shortfalls of our social systems and come up workable solutions, while developing themselves with more about COVID-19.

Youths are leaders of tomorrow and in the face of great challenges, leaders don’t shudder to a hault. They brace up and strike up discourses that will lead to a solution. In ABSUDC, we train students who have capacity to think out solutions to problems and Isolation Tournament is one of such occasions we have created.

We leverage on the social media (whatsapp precisely) to organize what has successfully transformed to a heated intellectual exercise.

There are 14 debaters, 12 Teams, debating in 4 different WhatsApp groups.

Judges are not members of the University. We picked outsiders to ensure transparency. They were drawn from different universities within and outside Nigeria. These are students and youths who have passion for a meeting of minds to intellectually discuss COVID-19.

The judges are so passionate that they resolved to render a pro bono service to make the tournament a reality.

The format for the Debate is British Parliamentary Debate Format.

ABSU is the first University to organize an online Debate Tournament while in isolation. The tabs for the tournament are online and visible to the public. So anyone can follow the updates and progression of the Debate from any part of the world.

Below are the links to join each rounds of the debate session

National Stadium Room 1


Enyimba Stadium RM 2


Abia Stadium Room 3


Akrika Stadium Room 4



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