In What Looks Like Engagement, Emmanuel Akonuche Finally Set To Marry His Lioness

Deacon Emmanuel Akonuche former President of the department of political science Abia state university has indirectly disclosed on his official Facebook page that he’s finally getting married to his lioness. Divinepurpose Okechukwu graduate of Microbiology and former Treasurer Student union government, Abia state university.

“Congratulations my Lioness, you won against all odds..

#LionsDen22 is a project , please guys endeavor to participate, it will be the best of it’s kind.

It’s now official.
Naysayers can now rest”

He wrote on his official Facebook account.

Akonuche who is a graduate of Abia state university and a reputable and sagacious politician was once celebrated sometime last year for finishing top of his grade, after training himself in the university with his Vulcanicer hand work.

Congratulations Emmanuel Akonuche